Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mooring in Blakeney harbour

Saturday: 20-50:
Today - very peaceful. I have watched boats come out from Morston and then the tides. Tried to figure out how to make the house batteries last longer (switch off the fridge basically). This is a very good place to stay - especially when the sun shines. The picture is towards Blakeney. Tomorrow - Lowestoft - - with (I hope) decent winds and tides.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lorna,
Looks a little like the view of the Mouth of the Tyne from here - the studio. The Tyne is fairly much as you left it - slightly more Greecian this morning. I've googled your Blakeney - quite a tidal picture - good choice for your boat. Have a good trip to Lowestoft: that will really take you round the bulge and into the south. Henry