Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fog - and tides

19-10: The view across the Stour this morning at the time I was going to leave with the right tide. I am probably more afraid of fog than other weather - although I cannot claim to like high wind and ferocious surf! As I have decided to be prudent - I stayed put for a while and only chugged downstream (with no wind and 2 knots of tide against me) when the visibility improved. Anchored off another nice bit of shore, as I was going too slowly. I am glad I did as there seems to have been a sea-fog over the Walton Backwaters - which is where I am heading next. At least it is still shorts and t-shirt weather and no heavy rain here (forecast for Eastern England in places). I am starting to like the no-rush approach to (eventually) getting somewhere.

I did a bit of reading and planning - but not an awful lot else all day - apart from eating and drinking. I do seem to be managing the batteries more successfully than in Blakeney - I have been at anchor for three days and still have plenty of power left: I have not run the fridge all the time - just a few hours a day which seems to do the trick.

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