Thursday, 11 June 2009

Blakeney at anchor

I have at last managed to find suitable tides and weather to sail five miles along the coast to anchor in Blakeney harbour. Amazing anchorage - it had water when I came in - with sunshine, followed by a heavy rain storm - - .

The sea outside the harbours is still very lumpy, as it gets when there have been northerly winds for a while. The entrance to Blakeney was perfectly clearly marked, which was just as well because there was impressive surf on either side of the channel.

Plan to leave when the wind comes round a bit more to help me southwards - probably Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna
Glad that you have been able to move a little further on your journey. Pleased that you found the entrance to Blakeney was clearly marked, contra to what Robert thought. Are the markers still black barrels?
Blakeney point is famous for its seals, we expect you saw them on your way in.
We will continue to follow your progress with interest.
Robert and Pauline

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna
Just trying out the blog comment without registering theory. Depressed about retirment ...but stil hanker after it - a 'delemna'.
I walked a little way out from Blakeney towards what i imagine was the point last summer
- very changable weather at the time - hence the short walk and because we had no idea of the distance involved, Liked it though, soon lost the crowds