Sunday, 14 June 2009

I go to Lowestoft

The picture is looking back to Cromer, but is also of the sea.

In Lowestoft - the new pontoons in the outer harbour. I left the mooring at 8-30 and just had enough depth to get clear. Unusually - for the rest of the day there was a favourable wind from the NW and a favourable tide (up to 2 knots) all the way here. So (apart from getting clear of Blakeney harbour) I went at about 7.5 knots. Tied up to a pontoon by 16-20. 47 miles. The sun shone - but the sea was, as usual, lumpy.

Will be here for a couple of days - recharging the ships batteries and avoiding rain. I am then heading for another long passage - to Shotley Marina and then to Ipswich - for reasons I will explain in a later blog.

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Nick and Jo Ennion said...

Hi Lorna,
Well done, we thought you were in Wells for the summer! Are you not stopping in Southwold - I don't know it but have read that it is very pretty. You are also whizzing straight past the Ore and the Deben (our favourite river). Anyway, we know Shotley well (had our boat there for three years) and we are only 25 mins drive from Ipswich, so let us know when you are there and we will come up and see you.
Much love,