Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Titchmarsh - and weather

18-10: The weather as I entered Walton backwaters yesterday - showing a mist forming over the beach. Why do I write so much about the weather? Need I say - I am totally reliant on it for fun - for comfort and for safety. This makes me much closer to weather than when living in a house and travelling on buses and trains.

Today I notice that most of the country is roasting in 30 degrees plus - whereas at Titchmarsh the temperature is a pleasant 22 degrees. This is due to sea mist, which is not a full-blown 'fret', with associated ultra-poor visibility and low temperature.

Pleasant day at Titchmarsh marina - cleaned the engine (to reward it having stopped) and cycled to the shops - now heading out to the local carvery for supper.


sarah said...

sea mist and low cloud here too. of course. great photos.

Aidan Weatherill said...

Sounds like you are having fun. London is pretty miserable in 32C heat!

No doubt the fans and aircon we ordered will turn up in time for autumn!