Monday, 8 June 2009

Wells - plus wind and rain

Looking over Wells beach to the channel - walk in the woods Sunday morning:
8-30 am: Monday:
It looks as if I will be here for a while yet - a re-run of what happens every year - but this time in Wells - rather than Eyemouth or St Andrews on the East coast of Scotland! I am waiting for a suitable wind for going East and a reduction in the surf over the bar - but the tides are good from tomorrow onwards for about a week.

The danger - apart from going nuts - is setting off too soon and finishing up in rough seas with wind from the wrong direction.

So here I am - - yet it is hard - I can amuse myself doing things like emails, blogging, reading, planning, cleaning, clearing up, eating - not to mention various expeditions by (free) bus up and down the coast. I study the weather forecasts and choose the best to believe - but even that does not stop the rain or cause the wind to come from the right direction. I am managing to ward off hysteria at the prospect of being here for days and days - - .

To add to the problems - the internet connection is fine in the morning but goes dead in the evening so I cannot even surf the web.

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sarah said...

loving the photos