Friday, 12 June 2009

A mooring - the Pit at Blakeney

19-20: Friday:
I moved from the anchorage as it was up on a sandbank. I found and managed to pick up a mooring in the 'Pit' and have spent the day doing nothing except sit in the sun - and watching the tides - and various sailing when the tide was in - many local boats with red sails.

I am planning to move on to Lowestoft tomorrow - catching the tide at 7-30 - because the wind is forecast from the West (more or less). I will leave Norfolk with great reluctance - and intend to return - - .
(Ran out of battery - charged overnight - seems OK)
7-10 am Saturday
I am changing my mind about leaving because the forecast for tomorrow is better than for today - and there is fog around (apparently) today.

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Aidan Weatherill said...

Did you have to do clever stuff to pickup the mooring? I know you were not quite sure of the best technique when solo sailing.