Saturday, 6 June 2009

Nice anchorage - pity about the wind

Friday: A frustrating day. I thought the surf had gone down - I even walked out to the channel buoy to check it out. I decided to move on to Blakeney and when I got back to the boat I re-positioned the anchor (which was not actually a good idea but it seemed good at the time) and prepared to go when the tide came in.

However - - before I was afloat - the wind came up from the East - the surf came back and the boat was not in a sheltered place any more.

After a bit of umming and argghing (why is it so difficult - even upsetting - to make the right decision when circumstances change - or maybe it was the wrong decision to think of leaving as the wind continues in the North and East - ) I decided to return to the comfort of the pontoons to sit out the forecast rain and wind. I had a big fight to get the anchor up - largely because I had moved it and had too much rope out as part of moving the anchor - and was pulling against the wind and tide.

So here I am - back in view of the webcam at Wells until the surf goes down and the wind changes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna - this is Dawn. David has posted you a comment but is seems to have appeared on 3rd June so you may have to scroll down! Hope you are having fun. We wont be around next weekend I dont think so depending where you are we may see you in a couple of weeks.
Have fun!