Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another day another beach - Lowestoft

Wednesday 17th June: (I lost connection yesterday so upload this Thursday evening). grr.

A strong southerly wind today, so I have cycled around Lowestoft - watched the waves - ate a very large lunch - visited Orton Broad - filled the water tank - planned the passage to Shotley - and so on. I even went out to the most Easterly bit of England - which is a bit of an industrial wasteland apart from the wind turbine. Lowestoft is very urban - even the beach is urban.

The wind is due to go round to the west tomorrow and I am hoping to catch the tide southwards and get to Shotley (38 miles or so) in reasonable time. The Plan is to stay there until after Pauline's funeral - for which I am able to get bus and train to Bury St Edmunds - and expect to stay over Monday night in Bury. After that I shall continue on southwards - and can then visit the places I have missed (especially the Deben) on the way back north.

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